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  • Discover Your Golden Legacy Purpose (GLP)

    This is your ultimate Why. The point of your entire life... "How will you still be serving people 20 years after you're gone?" 

  • Design Your New Empowering Paradigm

    Did you know that over 85% of our adult habits were programmed prior to turning 5 years old! If our adult habits were programmed so young, how can we change them? This process helps you DESIGN your Golden Paradigm so you can shape your destiny with your deep seeded dreams!  

  • Learn to Filter the Chaos & use it as Fuel!

    This is a 5-Step Process that will help you distill clarity from the confusion so you can make better, quicker and more successful decisions that lead to a truly successful life!

  • Learn the Goal Setting Strategy that Eliminates Burnout!

    Have you ever gotten burnt out at the top of a really important goal wondering what's next? I have... Thats why I designed this framework that allows you to achieve EVERY goal you set PLUS it virtually eliminates burnout!

Motivational, Inspirational & Pragmatic,

This book is about re-discovering the unique talents, abilities, and passions that you came into the world with, that you were blessed with at birth. The author instructs you on the theory underpinning a wealthy mindset and how to achieve it. He emphasizes serving others and creating abundance through acts of generosity as only you uniquely can. A good reminder of how to optimally use what you already have and develop gratitude for your gifts. Re-read it for a quick motivational pick-me-up.

Dan Raymond

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I'm David A. Stone

I'm an Authorpreneur, Goal-Mining Expert, Urban Farmer &

#1Bestselling Author of

Your Gold Mind - Brain Digging Goal Guide!


So, I guess you can call me a 'Treasure MAP Maker.'  

The treasure I seek is gold.

Gold in the form of ideas, thoughts and visions for the future.

I have become so obsessed with defining what drives us all to do the things we do. 


Why do we act like we are in poverty when wealth is a mindset we can switch on in a moment?


Through my life experience of selling real-estate, cars, and vacuum cleaners, to making movies, commercials,  TV & YouTube Shows, I have come up with some strategic life hacks that I truly must share! I've always been someone who made things happen, but through the chaos, that life pours on us all, I couldn't seem to get ahead...


...until I discovered the KEY to finding my gold and,

This key will also work for you.


I decided to start writing and put it all into my first book called 'Your Gold Mind - Brain Digging Goal Guide'


If you are interested in getting your Digital copy, click the button below and join the incredible community ready to help you find YOUR GOLD and change the world!


Hey Dave just found your page and subscribed, love your positive attitude!

Just planted a mission fig and ordered 100 moringa seeds to grow as an annual.

Keep up the great videos and happy days! Let’s all plant at least 1 tree this year


Awesome video really like what you got going there, thanks for for sharing, really enjoyed watching your video.


Gorgeous! New subscriber here, I’m loving the videos. I’m starting a food forest in Vegas and am loving it!


Excellent, excellent video!! I totally just happened upon this video, clicked on it because I just started using powdered Moringa, and had the best time watching and learning. Who knew! Now I'm going to order a cutting and grow one here in CA!

I love it! Thank you, Dave!



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